We weave threads between tradition and the future

Manifattura Tessile Pierozzi was founded in 1958, when Lorenzo Pierozzi and his wife Graziella, with a few looms and a lot of dedication, started a small business. In over 60 years of history, this family business has grown into a thriving, continuously developing company with more than 30 employees. Here's how we did it.

Lorenzo and Graziella ventured into the world of textiles; they purchased their first looms for fabric production, which would become 8 in 1965.


The first transformation comes: from contract workers, we begin to make contact independently with end customers and sell pieces on demand. We choose the name Lanificio Lorenzo Pierozzi.


The entry of sons Giandomenico and Roberto into the company brings an air of novelty: we open our in-house carded spinning department.


This is the year of great upheavals: we change our name to Manifattura Tessile Pierozzi and open a new headquarters. But that's not all: we start importing fabrics from different countries around the world.


We decide to close down the spinning mill, to concentrate on selling Italian-made and imported fabrics.


We are inaugurating our latest location, at 18 Via Luigi Galvani; it is the most innovative and state-of-the-art, perfectly expressing our values and our concern for the environment and people.

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